The blog hits 500

The blog has hit 500 unique hits today. What makes it more exciting is that the blog is only 22 days old and has just 3 posts till now. This means the content has been meaningful to you. Thank you all who visited my blog, commented here and linked to my posts.

In each post, I have tried to capture each aspect of the trip – travel, stay, history, must see, must do, pictures and personal reco, so that you may benefit from my experience of the place. It is my belief that a place could be experienced in a much better fashion if you read about it before actually venturing out. This helps you decide several key points – bus or train or 4 wheeler, religious or historical or adventure, conducted tour or renting vehicle, stay or return, and other either/or issues. For example, if you wouldn’t read about my Tanga ride at Srirangapatna, you wouldn’t really be tempted to opt for it. Similarly, the joy of Hogenakkal trip would be considerably lessened if you don’t see the children jumping from 30 ft cliff and don’t have fish fry/massage. And hence each of the posts are quite detailed (let me know if they are lengthier than required). Also, my photographs are available here.

I look forward to getting feedbacks from you. Please drop me a couple of lines about how the blog helped you make your itinerary (or didn’t), the goof-ups I made in any post, comments on the photographs I took etc. To enable better communication with you I’ve now added Meebo section in the right sidebar. You may drop a few lines here for me/blog. If you have quite some stuff to say, you may mail me at I would surely respond/act to it asap.


3 Responses to “The blog hits 500”

  1. Kalyan Banerjee Says:

    @Nomadic Matt: Thanks Matt. I would come up with another post in a couple of days.

    @Diya: Thanks Diya – I’m flattered [:)]. I’ve heard that Hogenakkal in monsoons is far majestic (and a little dangerous perhaps) than in April. You may google a few related pics. and you would know.

  2. Diya Sen Says:

    Dear Kalyan,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the account of my Mysore trip. Your account is ofcourse more informative and detailed as befits a travel diary. I enjoyed going through your accounts of your Mysore and Srirangapatana trips. You have explored the destinations throughly.
    But what really blew my mind was your account of the Hogennakkal trip- THAT IS REALLY GOOD- if it were not monsoon now I would be packing my bags now! The pictures are good too. A coracle boat ride for THREE HOURS!- I can sell my soul for that! Thanks for the great account. Meanwhile I took off with my family for Mangalore you can check out the details at

  3. Nomadic Matt Says:

    Well, I like your blog.

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