Improving Quality of posts

I value the time you spend reading the posts here. I feel lucky to get your attention, albeit momentarily. I also understand that getting attention is comparitively easier than retaining it, which is far easier than provoking a return visit to the blog.

So, I have been thinking of how can I provide you a better value for the time you spend here. A straightforward answer is – by improving the quality of my posts. Now, here’s one value-add that I can think of at the moment.

Links to other blogs on same topic: Each post consists of a plenty of links. Also, each post in this blog has a ‘Further Resources’ section where I give some links – wikipedia, flickr albums, official websites of the place etc. But the catch is – after a couple of months someone else comes up with a better post on the same topic and if you are on my post and you like it, you’ll probably not move on to the ‘better’ post. So here’s my solution. On the 1st week of every month, I’ll have a look at my most popular post. Then I’ll look for better and interesting post on the same topic and include such links in my post. If I dont find any, I’ll move to my next most popular post and repeat the same process.

Well, you may suggest that a better use of my time will be to generate new content rather than improving already created ones. However, I disagree. Being a sucker for quality over quantity that I am, I can’t suggest you something that I don’t think is my best foot forward. This means you may see lesser posts here, but the posts will definitely help you in your travels, be it the place for which you are reading the post or in travel in general. As an example, my recommendations for my Hogenakkal trip has been well received by the readers and I’ll try and continue with the same.

For starters, I’ll look for other good, intersting and useful posts on Hogenakkal trip and update the original post. Meanwhile, if you’ve come across some intersting posts on the same topic please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to include such links. Thanks for reading till now.


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