Travel Video Contest: Win 3000 USD

A random stumbling of travel websites led me to Hostelworld website and a contest posted there. You stand to win a voucher for worth USD 3000. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Upload your travel video at any video site – youtube,, etc. The video should be – creative, original, from your travels and shouldn’t (to a certain degree!) offend anybody

2. Visit the link:

3. Fill your name, email and the link of the video and you’re done.

Please note that you retain the right of the video.

Well, best of luck!


3 Responses to “Travel Video Contest: Win 3000 USD”

  1. hotelmadrid Says:

    Seems to be a great contest. $3000 is a generous price. Looking forward to participate in the competition.

  2. Kalyan Banerjee Says:

    Thanks Colm for the correction. I updated the post accordingly.

  3. Colm Hanratty Says:

    Saw this through a blog alert – should point out that the prize isn’t actually US$3,000! You win a voucher for worth that much.
    Best of luck!

    Colm Hanratty

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