NaNoWriMo08: Status at Day 4

Well, Day 8 in fact, if you count the four the days when the story didn’t proceed. 2600 odd words till date. Here’s the gist of the story so far.

The Story starts with the protagonist (Piyush, called PB by friends) asking some of his friends to come over his place next evening. The friends weren’t randomly chosen. PB shared the best part of his each phase of his life with these folks – Bobby (Booby, due to his assets) from school, Raman from college, Oindreela Kaur (there’s a story behind the apparently funny name, called OK by PB) from office and Satya from his online life. Each represented a part of PB’s life that he cherishes. These folks come over to PB’s and PB makes the disclosure of his lifetime.

Well, for starters, the characters were introduced here. If you have any suggestions on what the disclosure should be, please send it across. I would be more than happy to rethink the disclosure.


One Response to “NaNoWriMo08: Status at Day 4”

  1. Tarun Soni Says:

    Good intro, but it looks more like a blog than a novel…

    My guess the disclosure could be
    “PB quits his job to pursue his hobby to travel and photograph the beauty around”….

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