How do people find my posts?

Readers of my posts usually come via search engines – my blog stats reveal. The search queries usually make sense – how to go to murudeshwar from bangalore, one day mysore trip, hogenakkal parisal etc. And sometimes, they are outright funny. Sample these:

tamil woman saree bathing – Well, that’s certainly not the subject I deal with in my posts. The query might take you to metacafe/youtube videos but certainly not to a post that talks exclusively of tamil women bathing in saree. But yes, I talked about Tamil Nadu in 3 posts, women in 2 post, saree in another 2 and bathing in Hogenakkal post. On second thoughts, I’ve talked about bikini babes in Gokarna as well. And I’ve certainly had experience of Bangalore Men bathing in vest in river Cauvery at Hogenakkal. Related query – saree bathing

Bangalore Men Vest Bathing

Bangalore Men Vest Bathing

Summer tanga – My first hunch was someone wanted a Tanga ride in summer and fired this query. Must have got my srirangapatna post, I thought. But a little google search revealed the unexpected. Tanga, it emerged, is nothing but another name for thong. So, the one who fired the query must be pretty disappointed if he stumbled upon my post that talked about remnants from Tipu Sultan’s era.

horses thieir indian spirit – absolutely clueless on what this is supposed to mean. I’ve talked about horse only once – in my tanga ride at Srirangapatna. And about Indian spirit – clueless.

Summer Tanga Horse - Indian Spirit

Summer Tanga Horse - Indian Spirit

deoghar waterfall – I’ve mentioned about deoghar, have written on places that have waterfall but never about a waterfall in deoghar. In fact, I’ve never been to Deoghar.

from kolkata to kodaikanal by train,how – Well, its funny since I have never talked about Kodaikanal and Kolkata in the same breath in this blog. In fact, till I saw the train list of Kodaikanal, I wasn’t even aware of such a train. Disclosure – I’ve been to both the places.

indo saracenic architecture – Come again? Oh, now I remember. Both Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and Mysore Palace are built in this style. But I in no way claim to know its nuances, let alone be a reliable resource.

Indo Saracenic Architecture - Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Indo Saracenic Architecture - Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

So much for relevant results in search engines.

Acknowledgement Sudipta’s post long time back.


4 Responses to “How do people find my posts?”

  1. How to people find this blog: 5 5 keyword goof ups | Cook like a Bong Says:

    […] your blog via completely unrelated keywords. Say you run a travel site but visitors come via “tamil woman saree bathing“? Well, we at Cook Like a Bong  regularly get such search engine traffic hilarious moments. […]

  2. Suyog Deshpande Says:

    haha! really funny
    No surprise if i end up getting to your blog by searching victoria bathing in tonga under waterfall in bikini.

    Funny post

  3. Bala Says:

    Well you seem to have your analytics right.

    The Howrah express to nagercoil / kanyakumari stops enroute at kodaikanal road station

    Maybe google has linked up titles / links in a couple of posts and turned up the result.

    you can see some of my kodaikanal pictures at
    Best regards

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