What kind of a traveller are you?

What kind of traveller are you? Your best friend? Your boss? Parents? Here’s my observation on what makes people travel, and I’ve grouped such reasons. Where do you fit?

You HATE the idea of leaving your city but may go if needed.

  • You’re busy working in a city when a cousin of yours decides to tie the knot. Or a friend. And the very idea of your absence sounds preposterous to everyone, no matter what.
  • You’re enjoying your summer vacations and suddenly its time to board the train to your boarding school. Or your engineering/medical college.
  • Dean of your son’s college has called you – your son has been expelled on disciplinary grounds.
  • In the first two cases, a pleasant/interesting experience awaits you while on the third, lesser said the better.
An occassion to celebrate

An occassion to celebrate

You LIKE the idea of travelling but only if somebody else PAYS for it.

  • Its an official visit. You’ve to go another city to meet a client. Or, to work out of the client’s office. Or, your HR has decided that you’ll go to three campuses for recruitment. Even better, your company has decided to conduct its 10th AGM at Andaman.
  • You are a doctor and your rich patient needs to undergo a medical treatment 1200 miles away from your place. He requested you to accompany him. First class, all expenses paid.
  • You are a high school mathematics teacher. Or,a  football coach. You need to accompany your team of students to a state event 200 km from your city. Better still, to a national event 1500 km away.
  • You’re married recently and you’ve received a gift of 2 days tour package for Mauritius from your brother-in-law.
  • You’ve purchased a laptop at the shopping festival and the vendor gave you a free return ticket as a gift.
When the trip is free

When the trip is free

You LOVE travelling just for the sake of it.

  • Come Friday morning and it unsettles you if you haven’t made the travel plan for the weekend, even if the plan is to visit the two oldest churches in the city.
  • A lady from IRCTC calls you and says something like – “You’ve booked Rs. 72000 worth of railway tickets at IRCTC. So, we’re offering you SBI Rail Card free of charge…”
  • You’re as comfortable travelling in a local train in Mumbai as waiting at Kolkata International Airport. Or, auto in Bangalore, local bus in Chennai, metro in Delhi, hand rickshaw/tram in Kolkata.
  • For official travel, you fly Business class. But love sleeper class on that journey from Madurai to Bangalore. Or, in Konkan Railway.
  • Of 250 pictures you took in your trip to your friend’s marriage, 202 weren’t related to the marriage at all.

So, What kind are you?

Elongated Bus - Bangalore

Elongated Bus - Bangalore

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5 Responses to “What kind of a traveller are you?”

  1. SID Says:

    SBI Railway card for free, must be a joke !! They are the biggest cheats alive on this planet.

  2. Kalyan Banerjee Says:

    @ Rahi: Thats correct. I fall in the 3rd group too. After a week at work, its refreshing to travel during the weekends. Its a welcome break from the monotonicity of life and charges you up for the next week.

  3. bendtherulz Says:

    :)) -quite fun post to read – I have dropped here from Celine’s blog. It seems you have studied a lot about travellers….. :))

    I would love it if I could be in second category….that would be so damn lucky….!!!
    My parents were probably in first one ….yikes 😦

    • Kalyan Banerjee Says:

      @ bendtherulz (pity you haven’t left your name while commenting),

      Thanks for dropping by at my blog and commenting. Most of us love travelling if someone else pays for it. In the last one year, I’ve been to some places which my employer paid. And then, there are ‘treats’ by friends.

      I’m of third kind. Just enjoy visiting popular and not-so-popular places alike. And yes, my parents were of first kind too a couple of years back when they had to raise me and my sisters. Now that we are on our own, they have become the third kind too!

      I wish you visit the blog often. Cheers!

  4. Rahi Says:

    I am not as lucky to get a fully paid holiday but also not as unlucky to be called by the dean to give the news abt my son’s expulsion (actually abhi son hi nahi hai). tab bhi most of my trips are, as you will read in my blog, made because of the third reason. “weekend par kahin to ghumney jana hi chahiye” is my travel policy. i think u too fall in the same group, right?

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