Just push it – Murudeshwar Beach

This is my 3rd post on Murudeshwar. Here’s my 1st post and 2nd post.

I loved Murudeshwar (also called Murudeswara, Murudeswar, Mrudeswara) Beach. The Beach has visibly two parts – one flanked by the tourists (not large in numbers though) and the other visited by only those who want some ‘private’ space. This private space is just 400m off from the where the beach starts. During the beach walk, I saw few children (presumably of local fishermen) pushing a boat off the beach. Here’s the 1-minute video:

After this video, I asked two kids whether they would like to be photographed. They agreed but were really shy. Clicked them though.

Dont be shy my Honey

Dont be shy my Honey

Other children sniffed the opportunity to get clicked and rushed towards me shouting ‘Photo, Photo’. During the next few seconds, I managed another click. Here you go:

Me too

Me too

The fisherman was on his boat sailing through the waves. The scene reminded me of ‘The old man and the Sea’.

Old Man and the Sea

Old Man and the Sea

Acknowledgment: Post idea courtesy Mridula

About Murudeshwar: A sylvan beach by the temple, some beach-side eateries, beach activities (boat ride, snorkeling, banana ride, diving, eating fish fry etc – no bikini beach tan though), an island (Netrani) and some shopping (items made of local root) pretty much sums up the place. A good weekend getaway from Bangalore during Oct-Feb. More.

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