TGIF # 5: Woodrow’s at 6th Street, Austin

Who plays darts in a pub? And that too when its Super Bowl Sunday? Lesser mortals like me and 4 others do. Well, what else can you do when all that you understand about Super Bowl is ‘touchdown‘, and that too only from the Hollywood movies you have seen. Woodrow’s at 6th Street, Austin has a nice place to play darts – two boards in all. Interestingly, everybody was busy watching Super Bowl on tv so we ‘took over’ the dart playfield for more than an hour. 

The following shot is one of my attempts to capture the ‘Flying Dart‘. This on-the-move photography was extremely difficult since I had a limited capability camera. It took me 7 unsucessful attempts to shoot this. And boy, I was jumping when I could do this. The model in the shot is Tarun Bansal and the onlookers included Harish, Vibhav and Amit. Keep Austin Weird!


Flying Dart

Flying Dart

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One Response to “TGIF # 5: Woodrow’s at 6th Street, Austin”

  1. bendtherulz Says:

    there were 2 more onlookers….you didnt mention those :))

    Have a nice stay !!! Safe travels ~~~

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