Data: I’m Kalyan Banerjee, 25 M, presently reside at Bangalore (Bengaluru) Austin (Texas) and NOT in IT (just in case you thought so). Though I was a software engg two years back.

Why this blog: I’m a weekend traveller who loves popular and not-so-popular places alike, takes interesting and not-so-interesting snaps, stays at mid and low-range hotels with unbiased frequency, travels with friends, family and sometimes alone, and then writes about these trips. This blog is my diary with pictures. Here, I’d share my experiences (good and bad) about anything related to travel – places, hotels, travel books, travel movies, travel websites and of course people, in a way that you can relate to. If the content is of any use to you, I’d be glad.

Trips/Places I like: Beaches, Historical, Wildlife, Road Trip, HitchHiking, Trekking, planned vacation, backpacking, great indian train journey, bus rides, religious tours, heritage tours, vegetable market, book fair i.e. virtually any place worth spending some time and taking some shots.

Contact: You can drop me a note at aamikalyan@gmail.com. Or, add me as a friend at Orkut, Facebook or  follow me on Twitter. For more pictures, you can also visit my Flickr photostream.

Thanks again for your visit. I hope you would see improvement in the content/presentation over a period of time. If you would like to know more about me, read on.


Cycling refreshes, Kodaikanal

Cycling refreshes, Kodaikanal

Detailed About me

I was born and brought up at Dhanbad (was in erstwhile Bihar, is in Jharkhand now) which is famous for its Coal mining activities. As you can guess from my last name (‘Banerjee’), my mother tongue is Bangla (Bengali). My best neighbour-friend was a Punjabi. And my father being a doctor, our family had contacts with several communities. As a result, I had the chance to look into several cultures intimately, by being a part of it.

Till my mid teens, I found it uneasy to mingle with my relatives. Living in a joint family, this behavior of mine was preposterous, and thus, unacceptable to many.  My parents kind of understood that and suggested me a way out – get busy in several co-curricular activities. Well, I followed their advice and certificates started to follow.

After school, I went on to attend my dream college – IIT. Spent 4 eventful years at IIT Roorkee. There I met a wonderful bunch of teens most of who had thoughts so different than mine, I sometimes felt whether I was unnatural. Met some like minded individuals too. In the process, I understood a very important concept – Its good to be surrounded by people who think different than you, at least you get a chance to cross check and refine your thoughts. I tried learning about different cultures, people, religions, traditions in India. Oh yes, learnt a bit of technical stuff too.

My first job was at Computer Sciences Corporation, CSC in short. Learnt a couple of things ‘corporate’ and made some amazing friends. But the tenure lasted only a year when I moved on to the field of Intellectual Property Litigation Consultancy. I’ve a full time job. Note that none of my past/present/future employers can be held responsible for any content in this blog (opinions, photos, facts etc). What I post here is my own stuff and I own the copyright (unless stated otherwise). Thus, all bouquets/brickbats are to be send ONLY my way.

Apart from Intellectual Property Litigation, travel and travel blogging, I’m also interested in Society, Photography (though yet to buy a DSLR), Business and Entepreneurial activities. Each of them is blossoming at its own pace.

Hope to see you around. Don’t forget to add me as a friend at OrkutFacebook or  follow me on Twitter. For more pictures, you can also visit my Flickr photostream. My email is aamikalyan@gmail.com


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Lovvy Yuvraj Keenoo Says:

    hi, keep it up dude..

  2. Atul Says:

    Enjoyed reading your experiences with Austin cab drivers. BTW I am also a Roorkee under-grad. Let me know when you visit US next time… You may contact me at “shria @ hotmail . com”

  3. lakshmi Says:

    Hi Kalyan,

    Seasons Greetings to you..was looking for your email id, but could not find it..Thanks for dropping in at backpakker and at CLAY. I help out with the editorial at CLAY – so it would be great if you can write for us..do let me know if that would interest you..looking forward to your contributions.Thanks Lakshmi

  4. Shantanu Das Says:

    Actually I forgot to say that you are doing a wonderful job taking the trouble of putting all this information, and the photos are great too!!..

    Are you maintaining this site / domain name on a paid basis and actually creating the HTML content or getting some automated help like we get in blogger?

    • Kalyan Banerjee Says:

      Thanks Shantanu for the encouragement. Yes, I bought the domain name at an annual fee and use WordPress.com (another blogging platform like blogger) to write/maintain the blog. With WordPress, you don’t need to write html pages for the site. Sometime later, I would switch to WordPress.org. Thanks again.

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