My Band Review surpasses band’s website in google search

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Google search continues to surprise me. Its not even 24 hours since I posted my experience with the live music of KatzenJammer, an all girls band from Norway. I listened to them twice during South by South West (SXSW) 2009 in Austin – at street side past midnight and at at ThreadGill’s during afternoon. And they were simply splendid. Read my post to know more. Today, when I searched for ‘KatzenJammer Norway’, my post got higher preference than the band’s own official website. I quickly took a snapshot, before it slips down. Here’s it:


Katzenjammer Norway Search results

Katzenjammer Norway Search results

Yahoo, though, rates my post at 12th position and their official website at 1st (and this is what you would normally expect).  Here’s a picture of their signature Balalaika with a smiley:


Contrabass Balalaika

Contrabass Balalaika

Please check out KatzenJammer’s videos on youtube, their Myspace profile where you can listen to the songs too, and their website.


SXSW Live Blogging

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7:15pm – Heading to Woodrow’s on the 6th Street.

6:05pm – Came out of ACC. Would walk down a couple of blocks to the hotel now.

5:35pm – Mocha is good. Lotsa folks tweeting using laptops. I thought there would be more iPhone tweeple than lappy tweeple.

5:32pm – A coffee joint. Getting Cafe Mocha with cream.

5:30pm – A lot of things going around – keynote speakers on marketing, web 2.0, entepreneurship and web 2.0 etc. But all need badges. Let me figure out what can I do for free!

5:15pm – Came out of SunBurn. Lemme check out other things.

5:05pm – T-shirts with ‘Geeky’ quotes being sold here.  Sample this – ‘SCIENCE. It works. Bitches’

5:00pm: People are playing games all around – kids, teenagers, young and oldies alike. Interestingly, can’t spot Strategy Games here – everywhere I see there is a Gun Battle.

4:50pm: OK, so it was about growing vegetables in your backyard. and in case you don’t, then buy them from local vendors sice you get the same stuff and the local farmers benefit more. The logic being, of 1 Dollar that you spend on fruits and vegetables, only 22 cents reach the farmer who produced them – rest is spent on packaging, transportation, marketing etc.

4:45pm: The guy at ‘Austin Green Art’ caught me. Had a conversation. He asks me ‘Do they grow vegetables in India’?

4:40 pm: A gallery of  ‘Into the Pixel’ looks cool. Especially the picture that shows Capitol being devastated in attacks. Cool game huh.

4:25pm: Checking out Games section at SXSW. ScreenBurn Arcade. More info.

4:15pm: Just spotted Austin Convention Center after quite some search. I noted 500 West Caesar Chavex street. Too bad, since what I found is a Waste Water Traetment Plant at that location! ACC is in 500 East Caeasar Chavez.

South by South West, Austin

Consider this: You’re in Kolkata and you come to know about Durga Puja only on night before it starts. Or, you’re in Mumbai unaware of Ganesh Chaturthi till you actually see someone shouting – Ganapati Bappa, Mourya. I consider it a cardinal sin.

I was close to commiting one. 

SXSW  (South by South West) is supposedly a kick-ass annual Music and Film festival in Austin. Too bad I came to know about it only a couple of days back and even then didn’t appreciate the enormity of the event – supposedly 4 million people from around the globe come here for a week. Though this figure is very small compared to what happens at Kumbh Melas , or even Durga Puja, Rath Yatra or Ganesh Chaturthi; it is a huge number for a small US city like Austin. My cab driver told me today the number today – I haven’t verified it at any website though. He was very excited when he declared – ‘You’ll hardly get any cab the next week. Everyone moves to downtown during South by South west. There is just too much money to be made driving a cab at that time.

I started surfing about it this evening and realized its importance only after that . You can look for sxsw tweets here. With so many things to plan for, I’m having a hard time finding out what to miss. The only glitch – it starts on Friday the 13th.

Just decided an hour ago that I’ll try and use the New Media to share the experiences. Will experiment live blogging in my blog and micro-blogging with Twitter. Tune in for the flavor.
Any suggestions on what to write about?

What kind of a traveller are you?

What kind of traveller are you? Your best friend? Your boss? Parents? Here’s my observation on what makes people travel, and I’ve grouped such reasons. Where do you fit?

You HATE the idea of leaving your city but may go if needed.

  • You’re busy working in a city when a cousin of yours decides to tie the knot. Or a friend. And the very idea of your absence sounds preposterous to everyone, no matter what.
  • You’re enjoying your summer vacations and suddenly its time to board the train to your boarding school. Or your engineering/medical college.
  • Dean of your son’s college has called you – your son has been expelled on disciplinary grounds.
  • In the first two cases, a pleasant/interesting experience awaits you while on the third, lesser said the better.
An occassion to celebrate

An occassion to celebrate

You LIKE the idea of travelling but only if somebody else PAYS for it.

  • Its an official visit. You’ve to go another city to meet a client. Or, to work out of the client’s office. Or, your HR has decided that you’ll go to three campuses for recruitment. Even better, your company has decided to conduct its 10th AGM at Andaman.
  • You are a doctor and your rich patient needs to undergo a medical treatment 1200 miles away from your place. He requested you to accompany him. First class, all expenses paid.
  • You are a high school mathematics teacher. Or,a  football coach. You need to accompany your team of students to a state event 200 km from your city. Better still, to a national event 1500 km away.
  • You’re married recently and you’ve received a gift of 2 days tour package for Mauritius from your brother-in-law.
  • You’ve purchased a laptop at the shopping festival and the vendor gave you a free return ticket as a gift.
When the trip is free

When the trip is free

You LOVE travelling just for the sake of it.

  • Come Friday morning and it unsettles you if you haven’t made the travel plan for the weekend, even if the plan is to visit the two oldest churches in the city.
  • A lady from IRCTC calls you and says something like – “You’ve booked Rs. 72000 worth of railway tickets at IRCTC. So, we’re offering you SBI Rail Card free of charge…”
  • You’re as comfortable travelling in a local train in Mumbai as waiting at Kolkata International Airport. Or, auto in Bangalore, local bus in Chennai, metro in Delhi, hand rickshaw/tram in Kolkata.
  • For official travel, you fly Business class. But love sleeper class on that journey from Madurai to Bangalore. Or, in Konkan Railway.
  • Of 250 pictures you took in your trip to your friend’s marriage, 202 weren’t related to the marriage at all.

So, What kind are you?

Elongated Bus - Bangalore

Elongated Bus - Bangalore

Further Reading

How do people find my posts?

Readers of my posts usually come via search engines – my blog stats reveal. The search queries usually make sense – how to go to murudeshwar from bangalore, one day mysore trip, hogenakkal parisal etc. And sometimes, they are outright funny. Sample these:

tamil woman saree bathing – Well, that’s certainly not the subject I deal with in my posts. The query might take you to metacafe/youtube videos but certainly not to a post that talks exclusively of tamil women bathing in saree. But yes, I talked about Tamil Nadu in 3 posts, women in 2 post, saree in another 2 and bathing in Hogenakkal post. On second thoughts, I’ve talked about bikini babes in Gokarna as well. And I’ve certainly had experience of Bangalore Men bathing in vest in river Cauvery at Hogenakkal. Related query – saree bathing

Bangalore Men Vest Bathing

Bangalore Men Vest Bathing

Summer tanga – My first hunch was someone wanted a Tanga ride in summer and fired this query. Must have got my srirangapatna post, I thought. But a little google search revealed the unexpected. Tanga, it emerged, is nothing but another name for thong. So, the one who fired the query must be pretty disappointed if he stumbled upon my post that talked about remnants from Tipu Sultan’s era.

horses thieir indian spirit – absolutely clueless on what this is supposed to mean. I’ve talked about horse only once – in my tanga ride at Srirangapatna. And about Indian spirit – clueless.

Summer Tanga Horse - Indian Spirit

Summer Tanga Horse - Indian Spirit

deoghar waterfall – I’ve mentioned about deoghar, have written on places that have waterfall but never about a waterfall in deoghar. In fact, I’ve never been to Deoghar.

from kolkata to kodaikanal by train,how – Well, its funny since I have never talked about Kodaikanal and Kolkata in the same breath in this blog. In fact, till I saw the train list of Kodaikanal, I wasn’t even aware of such a train. Disclosure – I’ve been to both the places.

indo saracenic architecture – Come again? Oh, now I remember. Both Victoria Memorial in Kolkata and Mysore Palace are built in this style. But I in no way claim to know its nuances, let alone be a reliable resource.

Indo Saracenic Architecture - Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Indo Saracenic Architecture - Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

So much for relevant results in search engines.

Acknowledgement Sudipta’s post long time back.

My post makes it to top in Google blogsearch

Yes, and thats heartening. Within 24 hours of posting my christmas experience at St. Patrick’s Church in Bangalore, the post made it to top spot in google blogsearch – when you search for ‘Christmas in Bangalore’. Here’s the post, and here’s the current status. And oh yes, here’s the snapshot of the search result, just in case it slips down later.



NaNoWriMo08: Status at Day 4

Well, Day 8 in fact, if you count the four the days when the story didn’t proceed. 2600 odd words till date. Here’s the gist of the story so far.

The Story starts with the protagonist (Piyush, called PB by friends) asking some of his friends to come over his place next evening. The friends weren’t randomly chosen. PB shared the best part of his each phase of his life with these folks – Bobby (Booby, due to his assets) from school, Raman from college, Oindreela Kaur (there’s a story behind the apparently funny name, called OK by PB) from office and Satya from his online life. Each represented a part of PB’s life that he cherishes. These folks come over to PB’s and PB makes the disclosure of his lifetime.

Well, for starters, the characters were introduced here. If you have any suggestions on what the disclosure should be, please send it across. I would be more than happy to rethink the disclosure.