TEM (Travel Event of the Month) February – The Great Indian Train Journey


TEM Feb - The Great Indian Train Journey

TEM Feb - The Great Indian Train Journey

Train journeys in India give you terrific insights – into the look and feel of the places your train travels by and the people in those places.  After a train journey, especially a longer one, you get a feel of the way people look, speak, behave and live in several parts of the country.

As an ode to this experience, I’m hosting ‘The Great Indian Train Journey‘ event at my blog this February. So, write your train experiences in India at your blog and let me know. Here’re some post ideas – your travel to home during summer holidays at boarding school/college, your first local train experience, 5 things you love/hate about Indian Railways, why you love travelling in sleeper class more than AC-2/3, or vice versa, vendors at railway stations, Indian Railways as a cultural change agent etc. For some more ideas, you can read my posts on Indian Railways. On 20th February, I’ll post a round up of this event with a link to your post.

Rules of the event:

  1. Event period 26th Jan to 15th Feb 2009
  2. Write about your experience with Indian Railways in your blog, post it during the event period with the event logo and a link back to this page.
  3. If you’ve already written about the same, please re-post it during the event period.
  4. Email your entry to aamikalyan@gmail.com, with “TEM Feb – The Great Indian Train Journey” in the subject line with following details: Your Name, Blog Name, Blog URL, post title, post URL, photo (photo is optional) 
  5. Last date for the entry is February 15th, 2009.
  6. You can send multiple entries.
  7. If you don’t have a blog but wish to participate in this event, send your entry with your name, picture (optional) and post title to aamikalyan@gmail.com on or before the last date. I will post your entry as a ‘guest post‘ with your picture (if you send it, that is) in my blog and include it in the round-up.