I take the sole responsibility of everything I write here, the good, the bad and the ugly. These are my personal views and nobody except me is responsible for it. ‘Nobody except me’, as used herein includes, but does not limit to – my family, my friends, my friend of friends, the educational institutions I interacted with, my previous, current and future employers, my baai, my dentist etc.

But note that, if you follow any of my ideas, do that at your own risk. I cannot be held accountable for any misfortune you encounter on virtue of following what I say here. If I disrepute anyone, or use derogatory statements, please mail me ( at aamikalyan@gmail.com) and I will take necessary action.

I have the copyright of the stuff I write here. This means I reserve the rights of reprodution, performance, communication and broadcasting of the content published herein. Nobody can use the content herein for commercial purposes, unless I give written permission.

Picture Policy

All the photographs in this blog are owned by Kalyan Banerjee (the exceptions are mentioned along with the photo). You may not copy, modify, redistribute, sell, lease or use in any form any content (text, image or any combination thereof) without prior written permission from the owner of the photograph (at aamikalyan@gmail.com).

Some of my posts mention people I observed, interacted with or overheard. If you happen to be one of them, please get in touch with me (at aamikalyan@gmail.com). I’ll be more than glad to continue from where we left.


Some pictures have people. Usually, I take permission before taking a snap of any person. However, it isn’t possible sometimes – the person is afar, the shot needs to be taken imminently, hesitation in seeking permission as it might make the person conscious and spoil the photograph. If you happen to see your photograph here, and without your permission, feel free to contact me (at aamikalyan@gmail.com). I’ll send you a copy of the photo and may even remove the photo from the blog if you want.


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